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Welcome to Discount Vaporizers - Australia's Premier Vaporiser Store

Thanks for choosing us as your place for vaporizers and all things related to aromatherapy. Discount Vaporizers is an authorized dealer of top brands such as Volcano, Extreme, Da Buddha and Space Case. Being an authorized dealer gives you, the customer full warranty support and legitimate customer service from the manufacturer. Two things many other vaporizer stores or sellers cannot provide.

We offer true 256 bit online security implementation to ensure a safe online shopping experience. The 256 bit security encryption paired with SSL means your information will always stay safe here at

We offer Free Shipping on orders over $200 and always ship discreetly. All purchases are shipped in plain packaging by our professional shipping department.

We are a 100% Australian owned business and pride ourselves on fast shipping from Queensland to anywhere in Australia. With a full line of vaporizer parts, travel accessories, spice grinders, and digital scales Discount Vaporizers is here for all of your aromatherapy needs.

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  1. Volcano Digit Vaporizer

    Volcano Digit Vaporizer
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  2. Silver Surfer Vaporizer

    Silver Surfer Vaporizer
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  3. Extreme Q Vaporizer

    Extreme Q Vaporizer
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  4. Da Buddha Vaporizer

    Da Buddha Vaporizer
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  1. Iolite Original Vaporizer

    Iolite Original Vaporizer
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  2. NO2 Vaporizer

    NO2 Vaporizer
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  3. Vaporite Solo Vaporizer

    Vaporite Solo Vaporizer
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  4. Vaporite Mini Vaporizer

    Vaporite Mini Vaporizer
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  1. Vaporite Blown Vaporizer

    Vaporite Blown Vaporizer
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  2. Top Vapor VP500

    Top Vapor VP500
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  3. Top Vapor VP200

    Top Vapor VP200
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  4. Top Vapor VP110

    Top Vapor VP110
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12 Item(s)

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